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“The Medzena range for Neck Pain & Stiffness is Re-Designed By Nuero spinal Physiotherapist Dr Abdur Rashid in Accordance with Neck and Shoulder Biomechanical Angles & Natural Curves.

Made from High-Density Premium Quality Foam Which Bounces and Recovers in 1-5 seconds for Extra Comfort and Optimal Support. By Contouring the space between the Neck and Shoulders we guarantee you comfort and pain free sleep.

The Medzena pillows Comfortably Support your Head during sleep to Prevent Spasms and Muscular Tension in the Neck and back Muscles. This will help you Fall asleep in minutes.

Optimise your sleep, wake up rejuvinated and pain free.

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Ergonomic Shape Prevents Neck Stiffness & Spinal Misalignment

“SAY HELLO TO YOUR COMFORT ENJOY DEEP SLEEP & FEEL FRESH THE NEXT MORNING” Any other pillows that are too high or too low, with low-density foam will not support the weight of your head overnight and will flex your neck and spine in unnatural curve which can cause broken sleep, morning neck pain and muscular stiffness.

MEDZENA® Ergonomic Shape Orthopaedic Pillow Made from High-Density Rebound Memory Foam Will Support the Weight of your Head Comfortably in Natural Curve and keep Your Head and Neck Aligned during sleep to prevent misalignment of your spine. This will also Help your Spine Prevent from General Wear and Tear

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Feel Comfort with Luxury: Enjoy More Sleep

“SPECIAL BREATHABLE DESIGN KEEPS YOUR HEAD AND NECK TEMPERATURE COOLER OVERNIGHT” so you can sleep longer with comfort and support. During sleep our body releases heat to keep our body temperature cooler. Ordinary pillows trap your head and neck heat cause high temperature and sweating which can lead to broken sleep, bacterial growth, and irritation and damage your pillow with time. MEDZENA® special breathable, designed pillows for neck and shoulders circulate heat to provide you amazing comfort with optimal support.

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Washable Hypoallergenic Antibacterial

Breathable design and special inner and outer pillow cover prevent heat trap from growing bacteria, Antibacterial anti Dust, Anti Allergic with NO CHEMICALS you may experience fresh foam HARMLESS smell which will disappear in few days.

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Your order comes with our popular Handooks to improve your sleep quality. The guides will give you the best of knowledge to prevent sleep deprivations aswell as neck/back pain.

Receive a Free e-copy of both books with every Order.

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