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Medzena- We care, We protect.


As a physiotherapist with over 15 years of experience practising across the UK, I provide treatment to dozens of patients with neck/shoulder pain & trapped nerve pain.

During my everyday clinical practice providing treatment for different cervical pain conditions, I notice that most of my patients with cervical pain, shoulders/upper back pain have a common pain pattern:

Sleeping either on the wrong pillow or prolonged use of mobile phone, which causes them pain at C2-C3 cervical level or muscular spasm/pain on either side of the neck and upper back.

My passion to help my patients led me to redesign a Orthopedic and ergonomic pillow for maximum pain relief. After using different designs and adjusting pillow heights for different Orthopedic and cervical conditions, we developed the Medzena Brand (meaning Medical Friendly).

I always express to my patients that the best solution for neck/back pain must be a comfortable and supportive pillow for easy sleep, firm enough to hold your head at an ergonomically correct angle, and soft enough to alleviate pressure points and promote quality sleep.

The Medzena range does exactly that.

You will fall asleep like a baby with The Medzena sleep easy pillow, comes with adjustable heights for side sleepers front & back sleepers. The Medzena pillow targets your posture and breathing/airway during sleep for maximum oxygen supply to your brain so you sleep longer. When your posture during sleep is better, your neck and spinal alignment is much better, therefore ommitting pain in the body.

I provide treatment with advice on sleeping postures aswell as offering the Medzena pillow to prevent neck pain, shoulders, and upper back pain.

More than 90% of my patients with cervical pain, shoulders pain, and trapped nerves pain report relief after using The Medzena memory foam pillow, an ergonomic contour memory foam orthopedic pillow.

The slogan “we care we protect” came as I am always am keen to provide knowledge on injuries, prevention and protect my patients from any biomechanical misalignment.

Our orthopedic pillow comes with my E-Books to help you improve sleep and protect you from neck pain, shoulders pain, and upper back pain, these are complimentary with every purchase.

MEDZENA is a Medical Friendly brand that provides care and protection from biomechanical misalignments, it provides support, and comfort to relieve pain, optimise your sleep and rejuvinate your daily life quality.

Our aim

Our aim is to provide excellent comfort and support during your sleep and to eliminate any associated pain.

Quality sleep is medically and scientifically the best way for a healthy daily routine, This can be achieved with the Medzena pillow, welcoming good sleep by contouring the empty space between your neck and shoulder.

We always develop our products after testing on hundreds of patients who are suffering from conditions such as neck pain, shoulder pain, trapped nerve and sleep deprivations.

More than 90% people report a good night sleep with no pain in their neck and shoulders after using MEDZENA® pillows, because of sleeping on a soft, well-supported orthopaedic contour pillow. We pride ourselves on the facts and as promised your health is our priority therefore weprovide 200 Nights guarantee for all our products. If you are not happy with our products you can return with no extra cost for a full refund or replacement.

Your Health is Our First Priority.

Our E books will help you improve your sleep.

Receive a free copy with every order.


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