• What makes Medzena Pillows so good for sleep?

    The MEDZENA memory foam pillow has a ergonomic contour support system, which makes it an ideal memory foam pillow for neck pain and comfortable sleep postures for deep sleep. The MEDZENA memory foam pillow has a specific shape that can easily contour the space between your neck and shoulders, with soft memory foam support to your head overnight, you can sleep longer with comfort.

  • What is the best position to sleep in with The Medzena Pillow?

    Sleeping on your back, if using the right pillow, can greatly help alleviate pressure on your spine. That is the position we would recommend the most. However sleeping on your sides can help your sleep quality if your body is balanced and not pressured to one side, you may need to support your legs or back with extra cushions.

  • Does The Medzena pillow help snoring?

    Yes it does! The Medzena pillows helps alleviate snoring. As you lay on the Medzena pillow, the contoured design of the pillow helps reduce stress on your neck and spine, which results in your airways to expand making your breathing much easier.

  • Can the pillow be washed?

    Yes it can be washed as the pillow is made from a breathable outer layer. Please dry the pillow is a well ventilated area.

  • What are the delivery costs?

    We offer a standard delivery service across the UK for a flat rate cost of £5.99. Any orders above £100 are eligible for free delivery across UK, delivery timescales are 4-5 days.

    We also offer international delivery for a flat rate cost of £12.99 with a delivery timescale of 7-10 days.

  • What is your return policy ?

    If you are unsatisfied with your order please send us a refund request. If your order arrived damaged or faulty, If you ordered the wrong size or if our products didn’t meet your expectations we will offer support.

    Feel free to ask for a replacement or a refund within 14 days of your purchase. For damaged or faulty items we offer a 28 day money back guarantee.

  • Why are your prices cheaper than other retailers ?

    We make our products in a large scale to achieve wholesaler price’s for each product we create. Therefore we offer the best quality products at the most affordable price’s.

  • Can I exchange the item?


    Feel free to ask for a replacement by either calling or emailing us. We will be happy to exchange for any product we have for sale.

  • Do you offer gift cards ?

    Currently we do not offer gift cards, this is something we are working on

    However if you would like to send our products as a gift to family and friends please enter their shipping address at checkout and the item will be delivered directly to them at no extra cost.